Appointments and Treatments


We offer flexible appointment times, during the day or evening to suit your schedule. If required, we can arrange weekend appointments on request.

We treat clients from different sources including self referrals, medico-legal agencies, and we are registered with several  insurance companies.

We can offer appointments to suit your needs, for example at our clinic, or a pitch based sport specific rehabilitation session. If you are unable to travel or come to us for an appointment, we also offer telephone or video consultations.


Following assessment, we will discuss your individual treatment plan with you. This will usually include one or more of the following:

  • Manual Therapy – some people call this “hands on” treatment.
  • Exercise Prescription
  • Education to help you understand your pain or problem.
  • Postural / Ergonomic advice
  • Electrotherapy, e.g. Ultrasound/TENs
  • Taping
  • Sports’ Specific Rehabilitation
  • Self-Management advice
  • Supply of Orthotics, strapping and support

If you are unsure if physiotherapy can help you, please contact us for advice.