Patricia Bright (Car Accident)

I had 12 weeks worth of weekly treatment after a car accident 3 years ago with Joanne Brookes, I would just like to thank her for her time with me as I have now finally been able to achieve my goal. To be able to hack my horse out on my own without the worry of not being able to see the traffic behind me, and turning my neck.

For the last six weeks I have been riding out, schooling and jumping my ponies without a worry in the world. This would not of been possible without the treatment Joanne provided me and the stretches that I still continue with. I’m sure she wont be shocked to hear that I have even bought another pony to go out and compete with. Thank you so much for your help without it I would of still been relying on other people all the time.

Also she will be pleased to here that I have booked my driving as well which I start very soon, the confidence for being able to ride freely on my own has given me the confidence to get back in the drivers seat and even to do a intensive course.

Once again thank you so much.

May 2016.